EMS Face Neck Massager

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  • Versatile Beauty Device: This multi-functional device is adept at rejuvenating both the face and neck areas. Experience the benefits of lifted, firmer skin, diminished wrinkles, fine lines, and necklines, resulting in a refined and elegant swan neck appearance.
  • Advanced Multi-Effect Skincare: Benefit from a synergistic blend of color light rejuvenation, sonic vibration, deep cleaning, nourishing introduction, and positive and negative ion therapies. Enhance your skincare regimen with the added benefits of a 45℃ constant temperature hot compress, promoting smooth and firm skin.
  • Customizable Modes & Intensity Levels: Choose from four distinct modes and three intensity adjustments to suit your individual preferences. Stimulate blood circulation, boost collagen production, unclog pores, and revitalize your skin with a personalized skincare routine that caters to your unique needs.
  • Ergonomic Dolphin Bionic Design: Embrace the innovative dolphin bionic design, meticulously crafted to encompass 160° around the neck. This design ensures a perfect fit to the neck curve, enabling deep and effective skin contact for optimal results.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: Leverage the power of positive and negative ions to enhance the absorption of skincare nutrients by the skin. When paired with your favorite neck cream and mask, experience amplified benefits and heightened nourishment for your skin.
EMS Face Neck Massager

EMS Face Neck Massager